Medium-term-use geomembranes are required in bioremediation operations and in soil or bulk storage covering. XR-3® offers excellent properties for this application at an economical cost, including superior UV resistance, moderate chemical resistance, and a 10-year weathering warranty.

Reliable Geomembranes for Bioremediation Operations

The vast use of petroleum products has resulted in a lot of sites with contaminated soil. The good news is that petroleum can be converted into harmless or less harmless compounds, often through natural biological processes. Rather than excavate and landfill petroleum-contaminated soils, it is advantageous to allow bacteria to convert the petroleum products to other materials, and then the options for ultimate disposal of the contaminated soils are broader.

Soils are excavated and then placed on a chemically-compatible geomembrane, overlaying a stable base which can be soil or other material such as concrete or asphalt. The contaminated soil often utilizes an aerobic treatment process requiring air to be continually introduced into the pile. The geomembrane must withstand contact with potentially irregular subgrades and be both resistant and withstand permeation to the hydrocarbons in the soil mass. While the geomembrane will be covered by the contaminated soil, prior to covering, thermal expansion and contraction can create permanent wrinkles that will impede distribution of any free liquids. With XR® Geomembranes, those physical concerns are minimized.

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