A High-Strength, Chemically Resistant Geomembrane Liner

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For over 40 years, XR-5 Geomembranes have been used by engineers who have needed the strongest geomembrane liner for use in the world’s harshest conditions. Backed by over 60 years of coated fabric technology, Seaman Corporation’s XR-5 Geomembrane is the highest-strength and most chemically resistant geomembrane on the market—developed to contain and protect against acids, oils, methane, and alkalis.

This geomembrane liner is compatible with harsh liquids and has many advantages over high-density polyethylene (HDPE), chlorosulfonated polyethylene (CSPE), and polypropylene, including:

  • Low thermal expansion/contraction
  • Superior UV/chemical resistance and tensile strength
  • 10-year warranty and chemical-resistance warranty available

XR-5 Geomembrane Applications

XR-5 Geomembranes are durable and engineered for the toughest applications and environments that require high-strength membranes, including:

  • Floating covers: Floating covers manufactured from geomembranes are a popular solution to odor containment and an integral component of low-rate anaerobic digestion systems.
  • Leachate ponds: A superior material for UV-exposed leachate collection pond lining, XR-5 Geomembranes provide long-term containment assurance with minimal maintenance.
  • Secondary containment: Reinforced flexible geomembrane liners are a better option for secondary containment of spills because unlike concrete, these liners don’t leak, are less expensive, and don’t require costly subgrade consideration and amendment.
  • Process wastewater: XR-5 Geomembranes have a range of chemical resistance and physical properties, making them the ideal material for the wastewater treatment process.
  • Floating baffles: Floating baffles are used in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants to improve water quality. XR-5 Geomembranes are used for the principal construction material in floating diversion baffles.
  • Tank floors: A type of secondary containment, geomembranes are placed under the floors of bulk storage tanks, functioning as a protective barrier—between the tank and the fluid—that contains leakage and allows enhanced monitoring.
  • Oil booms: XR® Geomembranes is one of the world’s largest suppliers of reinforced membranes for long-term oil boom use.
  • Wastewater ponds: Low thermal expansion and contracting properties, along with toughness derived from the base fabric, allow the owner to leave the liner exposed.
  • Transportation & Infrastructure: XR-5 is used with EPS Geofoam in construction projects. It offers reinforced strength from the base fabric and is less thick or rigid compared to unreinforced counterparts.


XR-5 Geomembranes Applications

How XR-5 is Made



8130 XR-5 Geomembrane PHysical properties

When choosing the correct geomembrane liner, you always need to consider puncture strength and abrasion resistance, flexibility, toughness, and a range of other properties. Very flexible, the prefabrication of XR-5 reinforced geomembranes allows for improved liner integrity and significantly reduces the number of field seams.

XR-5 Geomembranes Physical Properties

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XR-5 Geomembrane Resources

Customers trust XR-5 Geomembranes for their stable and low thermal expansion and contraction properties. When your job or application demands the best, long-lasting membrane that retains its integrity against punctures, tears, ultraviolet light, and chemicals, then choose the proven leader with Seaman Corporation’s XR Geomembranes.

Check out our resources page to get a better understanding of the different aspects of XR-5 Geomembranes, including chemical and environmental resistance.

XR-5 Resources

XR-5 Geomembrane Installation Guides

Fabrication is an important factor for flexibility and ease of installation. XR-5 Geomembranes’ flexibility makes large prefabricated panels (15,000-plus square feet) practical.

Prefabrication in a controlled environment, such as a plant facility, offers improved liner integrity and long-term assurance of successful seam performance. Prefabrication significantly reduces the number of field seams. Reduced field seaming translates into shorter installation time, lower installation costs, and improved membrane integrity. Find out what makes these geomembrane liners the most trusted by customers around the world by using the following resources.

XR-5 Installation Guides

XR-5 Geomembrane Project Profiles

XR Geomembranes has worked on a number of projects over the years, utilizing XR-5.

XR-5 Project Profiles