A High-Strength Potable Water Liner

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More engineers and utility owners prefer XR-PW for the containment of potable water. These high-strength, puncture-, tear-, and UV-resistant potable water geomembranes are NSF 61 approval for potable water contact. XR-PW potable water geomembranes provide many advantages, including:

  • Superior UV resistance
  • High seam strength
  • High tensile strength
  • Low thermal expansion and contraction
  • 10 year warranty, consult sales representative for 20 year warranty product options.

XR-PW Applications

The broad range of chemical resistance and flexible nature of potable water geomembranes make them the ideal material for a variety of applications such as:

  • Potable water liners: XR-PW is the preferred product for the containment of potable water in the form of liners and baffles. These products are preferred by engineers and utility owners because of their high-strength and UV resistance.
  • Diversion curtains

XR-PW Applications

XR-PW Geomembrane Physical Properties

The XR-PW potable water liner retains its flexibility and performs better than any other membrane in the world. Whether used for floating covers, pond liners, or division curtains, XR-PW geomembranes are built to outlast and outperform other geomembrane options.

XR-PW Physical Properties

XR-PW Geomembrane Resources

Customers depend on XR-PW potable water geomembranes for their superior puncture and tear resistance, as well as their low thermal expansion and contraction properties. When your job or application demands a high-strength, UV-resistant geomembrane, then choose the proven leader with Seaman Corporation’s XR® Geomembranes. Visit our resources page to get a better understanding of the different aspects of XR-PW potable water liners.

XR-PW Resources

XR-PW Geomembrane Installation Guides

Strength and durability, low thermal expansion and contraction, chemical resistance, and resistance to UV rays are some of the primary reasons XR-PW is chosen for demanding applications that require a potable water geomembrane. Additionally, customers rely on Seaman Corporation’s XR Geomembranes for its ease of installation.

XR-PW Installation Guides

XR-PW Geomembrane Project Profiles

XR Geomembranes has worked on many projects over the years, utilizing XR-3 Geomembranes.

XR-PW Project Profiles