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The thickness of a geomembrane does not determine performance. Learn about the other factors that play into the performance of a geomembrane or liner.

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The construction of XR Geomembranes is unique for a number of reasons.


Competitive Comparison

Learn how XR Geomembranes stack up to other geomembranes and liners.


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Customer Testimonials


"Seaman Corporation products help us protect the environment through primary and secondary containment, preventing oil spills from damaging our environment."
-Jim Haselberger, Alaska Tent & Tarp


"We consider Seaman to be a partner in our business because they have great technical expertise, & we've found their products to be higher quality than competitive products."
-John Heap, Colorado Lining International


"This system has been here since 1984. We take environmental protection very seriously, and we have not been out of compliance over the years and with regular maintenance, it operates very well."
-Vicki Carson, Mammoth Cave National Park


“We deal with several different manufacturers, but Seaman [XR] has always been the most consistent, and the best quality product.”
-Stuart Lange, Lange Containment Systems


XR Geomembrane products have a more than 25-year track record in a wide variety of applications and industries. The case histories below illustrate how XR Technology geomembrane products have been employed in some of the toughest applications around the world.

Secondary containment liner

Secondary Containment

XR Geomembranes are designed with the strength and durability necessary for secondary containment of spills for a short period, even under catastrophic circumstances.


Floating Covers

XR Geomembranes have superior seam strength under elevated temperature constant loading, essential to personnel that must walk on the floating covers.


Potable Water

XR® PW is the material preferred by engineers and utility owners for the containment of potable water.

spill prevention liners

Spill Containment

Reusable XR geomembrane spill containment units are made in various designs and, depending on the particular geomembrane used, can contain a variety of liquids, including petroleum and solvents.

wastewater impoundment liners

Wastewater Impoundments

Low thermal expansion/ contracting properties, along with toughness derived from the base fabric allow the owner to leave the liner exposed, results in no slope maintenance and less land requirements.

tank floor liners

Tank Floors

Seaman Corporation manufacturers several geomembranes for this application, dependent upon the material stored in the tank.

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Process Wastewater

XR Geomembranes have a broad range of chemical resistance and physical properties, making it unmatched for use as a UV-exposed, puncture resistant liner.

geomembrane liners for special applications

Specialty Applications

Seaman Corporation manufactures a number of geomembranes suitable for specialty and unique applications.


About Us

XR Geomembranes by Seaman Corporation set the industry standard for geomembrane strength, durability and performance.


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