Geomembrane Chemical Resistance Comparison 

Superior chemical resistance 

Seaman XR® Geomembranes are the strongest, most durable hydrocarbon-resistant geomembranes in use today. See how XR Geomembranes compare to other options when exposed to a wide range of tough contaminants.

  XR-5® HDPE PVC CSPE  Polypropylene
Kerosene A B C C C
Diesel Fuel A A C C C
Acids (General) A A A B A
Naphtha A A C B C
Jet Fuels A A C B C
Saltwater 160° F A A C B A
Crude Oil A B C B C
Gasoline B B C C C

A = Excellent
B = Moderate
C = Poor
NF = Not Found in Published Chart
Source: Manufacturer's Literature