A Lighter-Duty Geomembrane

XR-3® is perfect for applications that require moderate chemical resistance and strength. Backed by over 60 years of leading fabric technology, XR-3 is a lighter-duty geomembrane that uses the same base technology found in XR-5®. XR-3 is a versatile and economical fabric commonly found in municipal wastewater containment and stormwater runoff applications.

The XR-3 Difference vs. HDPE, CSPE, and Polypropylene

XR Geomembranes are built to outlast and outperform compared to other options when exposed to a wide range of tough contaminants. XR-3 is no exception, offering the following benefits:

  • Superior UV-resistance
  • Moderate chemical resistance
  • 10-year weathering warranty


If you're working on a project that may require a geomembrane project, or you have a question about XR-3 or another XR geomembrane product, contact us today.