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XR-3 Geomembranes are perfect for applications that require moderate chemical resistance and strength. Backed by over 60 years of leading fabric technology, Seaman Corporation’s XR-3 Geomembrane liner is a lighter-duty geomembrane that uses the same base technology found in XR-5® Geomembranes.

XR Geomembranes are built to outlast and outperform high-density polyethylene (HDPE), chlorosulfonated polyethylene (CSPE), and polypropylene when exposed to a wide range of tough contaminants. The XR-3 Geomembrane liner is no exception, offering the following benefits:

  • Superior UV resistance
  • Moderate chemical resistance
  • 10-year weathering warranty

XR-3 Geomembrane Applications

A versatile and economical fabric, XR-3 Geomembranes are best suited for moderate chemical-resistant requirements in applications such as: 

  • Municipal wastewater containment: Low thermal expansion and contracting properties, along with toughness derived from the base fabric, allow the owner to leave the liner exposed, resulting in no slope maintenance and fewer land requirements.
  • Stormwater runoff impoundments: Our geomembrane liners are ideal for stormwater catch basins because they are UV-resistant and do not require a protective soil cover.

XR-3 Applications

XR-3 Geomembrane Physical Properties

When choosing the correct geomembrane, there are a number of factors you must consider, besides the overall price. These include puncture strength and abrasion resistance, tensile strength, flexibility, chemical resistance, and a range of other properties.

XR-3 Physical Properties

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XR-3 Geomembrane Resources

Customers rely on XR-3 Geomembranes for their unique properties of strength, low thermal expansion and contraction, ease of installation, and resistance to sunlight. When your job or application demands a durable, lighter-duty geomembrane, then choose the proven leader with Seaman Corporation’s XR® Geomembranes. Visit our resources page to get a better understanding of the different aspects of XR-3 Geomembrane liners.

XR-3 Resources

XR-3 Geomembrane Installation Guides

There is a lot that goes into a successful geomembrane installation. XR-3 Geomembranes can be fabricated in panel sizes that are designed to best fit the installation plan for your particular project.

Fabrication of large panels allows for rapid deployment over large areas in a relatively short amount of time. With low thermal expansion and contraction properties, geomembranes are very stable and come in factory panels over 15,000 square feet for less field seaming. Reduced field seaming translates into shorter installation time, lower installation costs, and improved membrane integrity.

XR-3 Installation Guides

XR-3 Geomembrane Project Profiles

XR Geomembranes has worked on a number of projects over the years, applying XR-3 Geomembranes.

XR-3 Project Profiles