XR-5® Geomembranes are widely used as an impoundment and tank liner for a variety of chemical, petroleum, and process wastewaters. The membrane has a broad range of chemical resistance and physical properties, making it the ideal material for the wastewater treatment process. XR-5 Geomembranes’ resistance to high temperatures and its high density makes it possible to install and perform underwater. The longevity and cost-effective success of geomembrane containment are documented in several project profiles around the world.

A Reliable Liner for Your Process Wastewater Collection System

XR-5 Geomembranes are durable and engineered for the very toughest applications and environments that require high-strength membranes, especially wastewater treatment plants. XR-5 Geomembranes are compatible with harsh liquids and have many advantages over high-density polyethylene (HDPE), chlorosulfonated polyethylene (CSPE), and polypropylene, including superior UV resistance, tensile strength, and more.

Process Wastewater Project Profiles