This standard was passed by testing our 8142 XR®-5 PW in Cream/Black.
AS/NZS 4020 is a standard that serves to test any product that comes into contact with drinking water.

The Standard requires that products do not affect the taste or appearance of water; do not support the growth of microorganisms; and do not release cytotoxic or mutagenic compounds or metals.

The following criteria result from completion of AS/NZS 4020 tests:

  • Taste of water extract.
  • Appearance of water extract.
  • Growth of aquatic micro-organisms.
  • Cytotoxic activity of water extract.
  • Mutagenic activity of water extract.
  • Metal analysis of water extract.
  • Organic Compound.

Components of the Standard:

A panel tastes water extracts to determine if the product releases compounds that have a detectable taste.

Water that has been in contact with a product is analyzed to address any increase in color or turbidity.

Growth of aquatic micro-organisms
An eight-week evaluation of a products ability to support bacterial growth by monitoring dissolved oxygen levels, is executed.

Mutagenic activity
By mixing specific bacteria with an extract, a measured change in the genetic nature would represent mutagenic activity. This is conducted by an AMES test.

Cytotoxic activity
Water extracts are tested for cytotoxicity using mammalian cell lines maintained in laboratory culture. A cytotoxic effect would be defined as any adverse effect of the cells.

The release of aluminum, arsenic, antimony, barium, boron, cadmium, chromium, copper, iron, lead, manganese, mercury, molybdenum, nickel, selenium and silver, are measured from the extracts.

Organic compounds
Water extracts are analyzed for organic compounds using US EPA methods.