How Weathering Affects Geomembranes

XR Geomembranes on Mar 1, 2018 4:20:33 PM

XR Geomembrane Liners Tackle Crude Oil Storage ChallengeIt is vital to consider the effects of a geomembrane’s exposure to weathering to ensure optimal long-term performance. The most important factor in determining performance in any given environment is the type of polymer used in the geomembrane.

This whitepaper addresses the ways in which weathering degrades various geomembrane materials over time. You’ll learn about commonly used geomembranes, how weathering affects vulnerability and linear thermal expansion, the degradation and stabilization failures in polymers, and the benefits of artificial weathering simulation for product testing. This information will inform material considerations during the buying process.

For a free download of the “Weathering: Degradation of Geomembranes” whitepaper, please visit here. 


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