Determining the best geomembrane liner for your project can be a daunting task. You have to decide between reinforced and unreinforced geomembranes, which material thickness is best, and a range of other geomembrane material properties that could play a part in the success of your project. XR-3 features unique properties of strength, low thermal expansion and contraction, ease of installation, and resistance to sunlight.

The XR-3 Geomembrane is a reinforced geomembrane, which can be more flexible and durable than an unreinforced liner. The prefabrication of XR-3 reinforced geomembranes allows for improved liner integrity and significantly reduces the number of field seams. Reduced field seaming translates into shorter installation time, lower installation costs, and improved membrane integrity.

8228 XR-3 Geomembrane Properties




For additional information on our XR-3 reinforced geomembranes, check out our resources page for product specs, technical manuals, and more.

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