Use the resources below to get a better understanding of the different aspects of XR-5® Geomembranes, including chemical and environmental resistance. Using these resources, you will be able to see why XR-5 Geomembranes are trusted by customers around the world.

XR-5 Geomembrane Applications

XR-5 Geomembranes are durable and engineered for broad chemical-resistant applications that require high-strength membranes.

XR-5 Geomembrane Application Chart

Material Safety Data Sheet

Under normal use and handling, none of XR® Geomembranes’ products, including XR-3® Geomembranes and XR®-PW Geomembranes, are expected to create any physical or health hazards.

XR Products MSDS

Competitive Comparison

XR-5 Geomembranes provides several advantages over high-density polyethylene (HDPE) geomembranes. Compare membrane strength, ease of installation, and more.

XR-5 Geomembrane vs. HDPE

Product Specs

For over 40 years, XR-5 Geomembranes have been used by engineers who have needed the strongest geomembrane liner for use in the world’s harshest conditions.

8130 & 8138 XR-5 Geomembranes

Chemical-Resistance Charts

When considering an XR-5 Geomembrane for specific applications, it is suggested that a sample be tested in actual service before specification.

XR-5 Geomembrane Chemical Resistance

Technical Manual

Developed to contain and protect against acids, oils, methane, and alkalis, an XR-5 Geomembrane sets the industry standard for strength, durability, and performance.

XR-5 Geomembrane Technical Manual

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