In Search of the Impermeable Geomembrane

Posted by Felon Wilson on Apr 22, 2021 2:54:02 PM

“Impermeable” is a common, assumed descriptor of a 21st century geomembrane. We use impermeable barrier materials because they are relied upon to prevent the passing of liquids when used in a variety of engineered projects where a barrier is necessary. Geomembranes are specified for these projects because they are lightweight, easy to install, cost-effective and reliable. To ensure you are selecting the right geomembrane for the application, it’s important to look at testing results for vapor/solvent transmission and puncture resistance, as well as real-world performance.

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What Are Geomembranes and Are They Impermeable?

Posted by Felon Wilson on Nov 27, 2019 8:30:00 AM

Principal and Materials Scientist/Engineer Dr. Ian D. Peggs has been working with polymers and composites in the field and laboratory for over 25 years, and in his “Geomembrane Liner Durability: Contributing Factors and the Status Quo” paper, he states that nothing is absolutely impermeable.

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Geomembrane Performance Testing and Critical Selection Criteria

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