Should Geomembranes Be Buried?

Impoundment Liners: Which One Is Right for Your Application?

Top 3 Applications for Reinforced Geomembranes

The 5 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Specifying a Geomembrane

3 Reasons to Specify a Geomembrane Liner Instead of Natural Clay

Best Methods to Address Waves & Wrinkles in a Geomembrane Liner

Secondary Oil Containment for Fuel Storage

How Tear and Coating Adhesion Influence the Long-Term Performance of a Geomembrane

Wastewater Geomembranes Provide Sustainable Solution

Why Utilizing a Spill Containment Liner Is Necessary

Protect the Environment With Wastewater Impoundment Liners

Differences Between Unreinforced and Reinforced Geomembranes

Benefits of Using Embedment Strips to Attach Geomembranes to Concrete

Factory Vs. Field Geomembrane Seams: What’s the Difference?

Benefits of Using EPS Geofoam for Highway Construction

Exposed Geomembrane Covers—the Rest of the Story

XR-5® Geomembranes on Display at PennTec

What Ensures Longevity in a Cold Environment Geomembrane Application?

XR® Geomembranes to attend Global Petroleum Show in Canada

Are You Using the Right Spill Berm for Your Application?

How Weathering Affects Geomembranes

XR Geomembrane Liners Tackle Crude Oil Storage Challenge

Six Geomembrane Properties You Must Consider for Geofoam Road Construction Projects

How Does a Geomembrane Hold Up 18 Months After It Is Installed?

Geomembranes Meet a Variety of Needs for Railroads

High-Performance, Flexible Geomembranes to Meet Your Arctic Requirements

Benefits of Using EPS Geofoam Part 2: Review and Road Installation

The Vital Role of Geomembranes in Modern Infrastructure Projects

The 2017 Geotechnical Frontiers Conference

Environmental Regulations Bring Containment to the Forefront

Durable Geomembrane System Allows Cheesemaker to Reclaim Wastewater

Steps to Ensure a Successful Geomembrane Inspection & Maintenance Plan

To Cover or Not to Cover

IWEA Annual Specialty Conference: Two Topics That Stood Out

Geomembrane Comparisons: Why Thicker Is Not Always Better

Dead Load Seam Testing for Geomembranes

Is the OTEC Conference Worth Your Time?

How Standards Can Affect Geomembrane Selection

How the Use of Geomembranes Can Benefit the Aquaculture Industry

The Initial Cost of a Geomembrane is Not the Lifetime Cost

3 Extra Reasons Geomembranes Are Superior for Containment Applications

3 Reasons Geomembranes Are Superior for Containment Applications

3 Common Geomembrane Failure Mechanisms

Are Geomembranes Impermeable?

Why EIA Outperforms All Other Geomembranes in Chlorine Resistance

What Should I Specify for My Geomembrane Project? Part One

4 Factors Affecting The Weathering of Your Geomembrane

5 Things I Learned Watching a Geomembrane Installation

Coated vs. Laminated Geomembranes - Which Are Best for You?

Is My Drinking Water Really Safe?

Tips To Prevent Construction Site Injuries

“Geosynthetic Materials” Added to 2015 Transportation Bill

XR® Geomembranes Launches New Website

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