High-Strength Liners for Potable Water Containment

XR-PW Geomembranes are high-strength, puncture-, tear-, and UV-resistant potable water liners that are coated geomembranes with NSF-61 approval for potable water contact. The XR-PW potable water liner retains its flexibility and performs better than any other membrane in the world.

Common Uses of Geomembrane Liners

The broad range of chemical resistance and flexible nature of potable water liners make them the ideal material for a variety of applications, including:

Floating Covers

XR-PW provides superior seam strength under constant loading and temperature fluctuation and is essential to personnel who walk on floating covers. During an inspection of the Hypalon® cover at the Staunton Public Works Water Treatment Plant in Virginia, several holes and tears, as well as numerous seam failures, were discovered.

After evaluating many NSF 61-approved geomembranes for the replacement cover, process and civil design engineers selected 8130 XR-3 PW for its exceptional strength, long-term UV resistance, and ease of repair.

Floating Baffles

XR-3® PW baffles are widely used in raw and finished water tanks at water treatment plants. Utilizing the tough polyester base fabric, the XR-PW has the highest tensile strength of any potable water baffle material.

A baffle system is comprised of reinforced geomembrane curtains, draping down to the bottom of the pond (or tank) from floating polyfoam tubes wrapped in the same material. The geomembrane acts like a barrier, preventing short-circuiting and diverts liquid for a longer time in a pond. This XR-3 PW baffle is used in a finished water tank to ensure adequate residence time. The XR-3 provides economical, long-term assurance of performance.

Potable Water

The XR-5® 8142 Geomembrane was used to line and cover a potable water reservoir in Erie, Pennsylvania, and the XR-3 PW and XR-5 PW fabrics were installed as potable water liners at a 35-acre raw water reservoir at the Franklin Water Treatment Plant in Tennessee.


Want to Learn More?

Browse installation guides, product specifications, technical manuals, and more to find out what makes XR-PW the material preferred by engineers and utility owners for the containment of potable water.

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