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Double XR-5® Liner Contains Mining Solution

XR Geomembranes on Nov 10, 2015 4:41:16 PM

The Cypress Copperstone Mine on the California-Arizona border uses XR-5 geomembranes for their mining needs.

Project Details:Cypress Copperstone Mine Mining/ Heap Leach Pads

Name: Cypress Copperstone Mine
Dates: Installed in 1987
Location: Copperstone, AZ U.S.A.

Project Story:

The Cypress Copperstone mine on the California-Arizona border uses XR-5 geomembranes. This photograph shows a double lined XR-5 pregnant solution pond. The leak detection layer accumulates as little as 1 liter/day leakage from the 70,000 square foot primary liner. Note the liner is exposed on the side slopes in the high UV, high thermal swing installation.

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Topics: xr-5, mining, mining/heap leach pads

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