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XR-3® Potable Water Geomembrane Protects Natural Spring in a Historic Town

XR Geomembranes on May 11, 2018 4:19:20 PM

When the borough of Bellefonte, Pennsylvania needed to cover its namesake spring, it turned to XR-3® PW, a potable water geomembrane that was both safe and aesthetically pleasing.

Project Profile:

Application: Potable Water
Industry: Municipal Water & Wastewater
Product: XR-3®

French for “beautiful spring,” Bellefonte was founded in 1795 due to the clean and steady supply of water the spring provided. To this day, the community relies on the spring’s daily flow of more than 11 million gallons as a domestic water source for itself and surrounding towns.

For more than 200 years, the spring ran uncovered and became a focal point of the borough. Dubbed the Big Spring, a historic 1926 pump house sits next to the spring, making for a picturesque setting with a small pond.

Regulations Drive Change

In 2014, the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act required that any drinking water sourced from groundwater be protected from surface contaminants. To comply, the Bellefonte spring and its accompanying 77 x 62 foot reservoir had to be covered with an NSF-61 approved potable water floating cover.

Bellefonte Springs Before

The borough knew it needed a solution that was both safe and attractive. It investigated options and selected an XR-3 PW potable water geomembrane because of its long, proven track record and the special marine blue color offered visual appeal.

Bellefonte is known as Central Pennsylvania’s Victorian Secret and prides itself on its quaint charm. XR geomembranes are available in a wide array of custom colors, which was an important factor for this high-visibility project.

Bellefonte Springs AFter

XR Advantages

XR-PW geomembranes are an exceptional choice for potable water applications such as liners for reservoirs and storage tanks because they boast a high-strength, UV-resistant geomembrane that meets NSF-61 requirements. They also make ideal floating covers because they resist a broad range of chemicals. Coupled with custom color options, these advantages are why XR-PW geomembranes have been trusted for decades to protect the potable water of millions of people.

The chemical resistance of XR-3 is especially important because of the material’s excellent long-term resistance to chlorine and chloramines, which are mandated to treat water in most potable water distribution systems.

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