Geomembranes Help Drive Architectural and Engineering Optimism for 2022 Markets

Posted by Felon Wilson on Jun 23, 2022 9:05:17 AM

In early 2022, we published a blog summarizing the predicted outlook for the architectural, engineering and construction industry (AEC) for 2022. It was based on an ASCE article also published early in the year. There were several factors indicating improvement over the previous year and momentum toward pre-pandemic business levels.

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NSF 61 Certification and Compliance for Potable Water Geomembranes

Posted by Felon Wilson on Mar 7, 2022 1:08:46 PM

The quality of the water we drink is pretty important. We assume we are protected by regulations that maintain high standards in our water, especially with the increasing use of geomembranes in potable water applications. But do all geomembranes comply? This blog will look at drinking water standards as they apply to geomembranes and how compliance should occur.

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Geomembrane Performance Testing and Critical Selection Criteria

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