Project Profiles

XR® Geomembrane Crucial for Utility District Facility Achieving Zero Discharge Success

XR® Geomembrane Protects Environment in Sensitive Reuse Application

Fuel Storage Facility Uses Geomembrane for Containment in Arctic Environment

New Fuel Storage Facility Uses Innovative Geomembrane Connection Methods

Geomembrane Protects EPS Geofoam in Stormwater Reclamation Project

Seaman Corporation XR-3 Geomembrane Helps Supply Fresh Water to Citizens of Baltimore

XR-5® Geomembrane Part of Mobile, Alabama's, Sanitary Sewer Overflow Solution

Geomembrane Solves Waterproofing Challenge in Difficult Underground Installation

XR-5® Geomembrane Protects Wastewater Treatment Plant in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Reinforced Geomembrane Protects Wastewater Treatment Plant in Seward, AK

XR-3® Potable Water Geomembrane Protects Natural Spring in a Historic Town

XR-5® Seals Outflow of Wastewater at Cheese Manufacturing Facility

XR-5 Liner Installed at World's Fair Park in Knoxville, TN

Potable Water Reservoir in Erie, PA, Installs XR-5® 8142 Membrane

White XR-5® Used on First LEED-Certified Fuel Storage Facility

Singapore Chooses XR-5® to Solve Rampant Solid Waste Disposal Problem

XR-5® Continues to Protect Mammoth Cave Wastewater Stabilization Pond

XR-5® Lines Jet Fuel Tank Farm at Denver Airport

Apache Alaska Trusts XR-5® for Drill Oil Waste Pit at Remote Alaskan Site

Horsehead Holding Corporation Relies on XR-5®

Virginia Wastewater Facility Relines 7.5 Acre Pond

Environmental Concerns Eased with Vehicle Wash Facility

North Augusta, SC Uses XR-3® PW Baffle in Finished Water Tank

Double XR-5® Liner Contains Mining Solution

XR-5® Technology Used to Minimize Heat Build-Up

Gasoline Storage Tank Designed for Flexibility

Largest Floating Cover in the World Uses Seaman Technology

Runoff Pond Handles De-Icing Chemicals

XR-5® Used for Wastewater Containment

XR-5® Material of Choice for GM Stormwater Ponds

Intense Heat Conditions Require XR-5® Technology

High Tensile Strength XR-5® Lines Landfill

Unmatched Strength Needed for Steep Wall Liner

Pearl Harbor Fuel Storage Tanks Lined with XR-5®

Design & Installation of Geomembrane to Line Offshore Containment Bund

Geomembrane Cutoff Wall Installation Utilizing a Narrow Trench Technique

Nuclear Plant Chooses XR-5® Wastewater Solution

XR-5® Fueling Facility Liner at B.N.S.F. Railyard, Alliance, NE

XR-3 PW Replaces Failing Hypalon Cover at Water Treatment Facility

Wastewater Pond Liner Withstands Florida Sunshine

Floating Cover Controls Odor at Wastewater Plant

Updated Containment on Craney Island

Surge Pond Liner Requires XR-5 Stamina to Outlast Extreme Elements

Potable Water Fabrics Installed in 35-Acre Raw Water Reservoir

Airport Counts on XR-5® to Contain Deicing Fluid

Army Corps Uses Underwater Dike Liner on Lake Michigan

Bonneville Power Chooses XR-5® for Substation Liners

Shell Oil Selects XR-5® for Long-Term Hydrocarbon Containment

Retention Pond Liners Withstand Missile Launches and Florida Weather

Landfill Liner Stands up to Steep Slopes

Mining Liner Protects Against Seepage of Chemicals

Above Ground Secondary Containment in Extreme Environment

Mexican Refinery Lines Impoundment with Geomembrane

Steep Side Erosion Control at Sewage Pond

Floating Cover Performance Leads to Worldwide Installation

XR-5® Takes on the Tough Texas Oilfields

Substation Containment Provides Assurance for Power Company

Wastewater Pond Liner Resists Alaska's Temperatures